The Big Reveal

After keeping our costumes a secret for several weeks, here they are, our Angry Birds costumes!  This was massive effort that took over 60 man-hours of work and ended in perfection!

We were inspired by our favorite new  game, Angry Birds–the #1 game in the iTunes App Store for iPhones/iPods/iPads.  The premise of the game is simple–the birds are angry at the pigs for stealing their eggs.  So, it’s the players job to hurl birds in the air and destroy the pigs that are hiding within protective structures.  Super simple.  Even more addictive.  We regularly play the game until the battery on our phone dies!   Not only is this an awesome game, it may very well be the best 99 cents one can spend.

For our New York friends, if you’re attending the Village Parade (or watching on TV) please keep an eye out for us!

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Update: mentioned us in their story!

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